Things to do while waiting for Succession

Things to do while waiting for Succession
Evelyn Greenwoo…:
What should you do while waiting for the succession of your loved one to be completed by the attorney? It’s important to consider where you are in the succession process. If you’re still waiting for the court to approve the sale of the property, there is not much you can legally do. You will have to wait for court approval.

Hi, my name is Evelyn Greenwood, and I’ve been selling real estate for over seven years. So what can you do while you wait for succession? While you wait, there are things that you could do to start preparing the property for eventual sale. This is important because it will help save you time once the house is ready for the market.

One thing you can do is determine who will be signing the contracts for the sale of the property. If someone can be designated as administrator, it may be easier than having several people having to sign every document. Since court hearings are continuously being postponed so it might be months down the road before it is completed. This is why it is best to get started on succession as soon as possible if the home is going to be sold.

Today is one of the best sellers markets of all times, there is no better time to sell any item, including your inherited home than when the demand is at an all time high. And the supply is low. This is when you can negotiate your best possible price and terms. You’ll want to keep in mind that an agent that you select will make all of the difference. Also be sure to seek the advice of a lawyer or an attorney for your succession needs, since I’m not one, but just giving helpful information. I’m Evelyn Greenwood with Fathom Realty. And remember, everyone deserves a happy home.
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